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Create your experiences.

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Your Desires, Your goals.

Agwé Sailing’s mission is to help you create and achieve your perfect sailing experiences.

Whether just discovering sailing on the mighty Columbia with us out of Portland Oregon, or creating your own amazing experience of the French Caribbean on our guided sailing travel adventures in beautiful Guadeloupe – it’s your dream of the perfect day that creates our focus.


“You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea. It goes, that’s all.”
– Bernard Moitessier

Ever have the feeling it would be nice to just turn the motor off once in a while?

Have you ever made the choice, perhaps even more than once, to leave the car at home and take the bicycles instead?

Agwé Sailing is here to help you follow those instincts: we will be your personal guide as you plot that course you’re already on and navigate your way to ever more incredible experiences – under sail.

Slow down just a bit, take a moment for yourself, and imagine doing something simply for the joy of doing it – imagine yourself sailing.

“We’ll go out into the sunny harbor and have fun, that’s the idea.
Just have a good time all around. Not thinking
about this or that or getting ahead or falling behind.”
– excerpt from the poem My Boat by Raymond Carver

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