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Begin creating your experience by choosing if you would simply like to get out for a sail, bring some friends and family along, or perhaps craft a custom series of private lessons. If you are interested in experiencing the amazing sailing in the French Caribbean contact us today to learn more!
Don’t hesitate at all to contact us to talk up your goals, learn about gauging the weather and local wind patterns to choose the best times for your sailing desires, or simply to learn more about what Agwe’ Sailing can do to help you get “out there”.
We are also available for private lessons on your boat and are always honored to be invited aboard! Let us know what you’d like to focus on and together we can create a custom program to work best for your specific goals.
Contact Agwe’ today – we love talking sailing and boats anytime!
Special scheduling availability note: we are currently blocking the last two weeks of May and a little bit of June for a delivery we are doing so scheduling between May 19th and June 4th is not available at this time. To allow for an appropriate weather window we are keeping this time for the delivery however, check back as some of those dates will open up again based upon when the weather allows us to make the trip up the coast. Thanks for understanding!
(Make your choice, the calendar will open, choose your day, and any times available are yours to schedule at your desire.)

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