Sunrise at Iles du Gosier, Guadeloupe

Let’s start at sunrise, anchored off of Iles du Gosier, Guadeloupe.

The entire time sailing with and teaching all the wonderful people who came to join us was incredible. We live experiences, and everyone who came aboard during Agwe’ Sailing’s three weeks on these amazing waters went away with incredible experiences they will treasure for a life time. Above and beyond expectations, the sailing and the teaching has now opened the door for some new skippers who have already begun to captain their own boats for their friends and families.

Helping others to achieve their goals:

To be able to help others achieve their goals in sailing is the greatest thing I could ever hope to do. Those who came down with specific goals in mind not only exceeded those but also excelled in taking naturally to the wonderful routine of life aboard while sailing, anchoring, exploring, and genuinely living a life under sail to it’s fullest.

As I always try to build upon the strengths each student brings with them I was so happy to see thesestudents gravitate naturally to the areas that interested them the most while not hesitating to undertake and immerse themselves in the many other areas of activity necessary to create a fabulous sailing experience for themselves and their friends.

Another student who, together with his wife and friends, chartered two other catamaran’s for the two weeks following their sailing with us, exemplifies why I love to do what I do. Two of the sharpest students I have ever had the pleasure to work with not only excelled in everything they undertook, they were also right on step in each situation we encountered. I would wait to see if they were noticing or thinking of a particular aspect that was about to need attention – hesitating to bring it up or ask, only to have them turn to me and say, “what about…?” They were already there and prioritizing perfectly. I am beyond happy to have sent them on their way with out me near by for their third week of sailing (they chartered a sweet Lipari 41 for that). To see them come back to the base after that week, all smiles and full of great sailing stories brimming with success is more meaningful to me than I can express. They have achieved their goals and have a lifetime of great sailing in front of them.

My hat’s off to you guys, Kelley and Lori, and I look so forward to “seeing you out there” in the coming years!

(pulling up here to anchor for the night on the sweet 2016 Lagoon 400 they chartered for our second week out).





An amazing boat! The Helia 44 catamaran!

As so many have said in their reviews of this boat she not only offers amazing luxury and spaciousness through out but handles like a breeze! Able to tack and jibe effortlessly, getting her to speed after a dead stop or coming out of being hove to was amazing. I could have her moving at 6 knots in 15 apparent with in moments of setting the sails. And life aboard – wether under sail or at anchor, was simply magnificent…










And… the unbelievable beauty of the sea…

And to have done all this, to have shared these experiences with so many wonderful people in a place – a part of the world that offers some of the most beautiful waters and islands one can imagine, is an achievement I can not begin to truly describe. Perhaps some pictures can help… from Guadeloupe in the Lessor Antilles, part of the Leeward Islands and part of the French Caribbean.

“The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails.”
(Joshua Slocum)
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