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Learning Goals for Bareboat Charter Skippers

Learning goals for becoming a bareboat charter skipper In this post we will be outlining primary areas of focus in an easy to reference structure as a baseline of standards for Bareboat Charter Master Students to work toward. These specific learning goals are...

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Set your learning course to being a skipper yourself

Learning to sail is all about focusing on your process and how far you would like to take it is entirely up to you. When we lay out our courses, we start with a passage chart to get the big picture of where we want to go. By doing the same with the upper level...

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Sail Guadeloupe Sample Itinerary

The places we will be sailing to are some of the most beautiful the Caribbean and indeed the world have to offer. You can continue to learn more about each below. Some of the factors we consider in laying out a sailing itinerary like ours are of course: wind and sea...

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Sail the French Caribbean – cut loose and go.

Come, take the helm and sail the French Caribbean December 2nd through December 9th! Create your perfect sailing experience exploring the beautiful waters and islands of Guadeloupe on a luxurious Helia 44. Contact us today to get underway!   [maxbutton id="6"...

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Sailing Guadeloupe: A Dawn Approach

I will sail the waters off beautiful Guadeloupe again... soon. We've all had that feeling of being somewhere new and feeling like we've come home. In those moments, we find ourselves there waiting. To some it might be somewhere on a map - for me, it is the sea......

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