S/v Circe

Come sail a classic! Circe is a completely refit 1966 Cal 25 Flat top

Graceful stability

Sailing qualities –

Designed by C. William Lapworth and built by Jenson Marine – Cal Boats, the Cal 25 Flat top was one of thier most prized designs. Circe’s sailing qualities speak for themselves: while being nimble and very responsive she is also forgiving and easy to handle in the strong winds we often get here on the Columbia.

great for our waters

A quality design –

With her high boom, deep comfortable cockpit, and flat decks your view forward while sailing her is excellent – a real plus when sailing our waters. When combined with her great performance Circe is a joy to sail especially on our local waters when everyone’s out under sail enjoying the river on a breezy evening.

excellent to learn on

Perfect for the new sailor –

Choosing the right boat for your waters makes all the difference for developing and honeing your sailing skills. The Cal 25 is simply one of the very best boats to learn and practice on. On top of her great performance is the 8 hp electric start and electric tilt outboard to make running the boat even easier for you.

S/v mahalo

A wonderful 1978 C&C Lancer 30 that sails and handles like a dream!

Handles like a dream

Sailing Qualities –

Mahalo is a “performance cruiser” who’s hull is from a C&C design and mold and she was finished by Lancer Yachts. She is very responsive and not at all tender – an excellent boat to learn on and sail in both light and heavy air. Mahalo’s sailing qualities always amaze sailors of all skill levels.

great for learning

Simply Rigged –

Keep it simple – a phrase that will reward you endlessly in your sailing adventures. Mahalo is very simply rigged making her an excellent boat for learning on as well as for those who wish to improve their skills in some of our more powerful winds we get here on the Columbia in the summers.

very responsive

Great Design –

There is a reason many of us sailors happily maintain and sail vintage designs. How a boat responds under sail whether ghosting along with a gentle breeze or cracking on close hauled in heavy air is a direct result of the design and Mahalo never fails to satisfy even the most discriminating sailor.

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